Jesilam Enterprises

Jesilam Enterprises is a start-up managed by Jessica.

Jesilam Enterprises aims to make a difference in serving the greater good by helping others accept those things they do not understand, by fostering guidance through the process of discovering the truth of “who” we are, ascertain how to live responsibly, and expand our perspective to the other side of every person’s life story and comprehension of the world around us.

Jesilam Enterprises provides clients with a multitude of services ranging from Group Facilitation, Seminars, Key Note speakers, Panelists, Live Entertainment and Event Planning.

The company provides the following services:

  • Group Facilitation and Public Speaking at local schools, businesses and organizations
  • Year round events with a wide variety of activities – Conferences, Field Trips and Entertainment
    Seasoned, successful management team.
  • Contracting consultants and participants- To counsel or to meet the emerging needs of the Community.
  • Working with local and national non-profit organizations
  • Family-oriented events – By working in partnership with families and helping provide a nurturing and fun environment to celebrate diversity


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